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Report Copy Request

Request Procedures/Requirements:

  • Complete a “Request for Police Report” form.  Forms are available online, in the lobby or you may call the Records Division and request that a form be mailed or Faxed to you.
  • Turn in the completed form to the Records Division in person, U.S. Mail or by Fax.
  • You will be contacted at the telephone number you provided when the report is ready or if we have any questions regarding your request.
  • Please be prepared to show proof of identity and relationship to the requested report.
  • Please allow up to 10 business days for response.
  • No Fee

Local Records Check/Clearance Letters

Request Procedures/Requirements:

  • You must come to the records division in person during business hours.
  • You must bring a valid picture identification.
  • Fees:
    • Resident $6.00
    • Non-Resident $25.00


  • By appointment only:  Contact CSO Morgan Roller at 415-508-2188, Ext. 554
  • Fees:
    • Resident $22
    • Non-Resident $73
  • Must bring own fingerprint cards (for application prints only)

Child Seat Installation/Inspection

  • By appointment only
  • Contact CSO Morgan Roller at 415-508-2188, Ext. 554

Property and Evidence

  • By appointment only
  • Contact CSO Morgan Roller at 415-508-2188, Ext. 554
  • Please reference the case #.  If you do not know the case # please provide the date of incident.
  • You must arrive with your picture ID.
  • We will only release property to the actual property owner unless extenuating circumstances exist.  Please advise the property clerk when making the appointment if the owner cannot be present.
  • Found property and property for safe keeping that is not claimed within 90 days will be destroyed.


  • Individuals seeking the return of a firearm(s) that is in the custody or control of a court or law enforcement agency must submit a Law Enforcement Gun Release (LEGR) Application along with the appropriate fees to the Department of Justice.
  • A firearms eligibility check will be conducted to determine if the applicant is lawfully eligible to possess firearms. A notice of the results will be sent to the applicant. The notice must be presented to the court
  • The Brisbane Police Department will not release a firearm(s) that is in our possession to anyone without a valid LEGR.
  • Firearms that are not claimed within 180 days after a LEGR has been submitted may be disposed of according to law.


  • Any prescription medication in the possession of a law enforcement agency cannot and will not be returned.  You must seek prescription refills from your doctor.

Items for Destruction

  • As a service to the community, the Brisbane Police Department will accept items for destruction such as firearms ammunition and expired medications.  We are not able to accept medical waste (hypodermic needles, etc.).
  • The Police Department offers a safe and confidential way to dispose expired, unwanted prescription and over-the-counter drugs.  A pharmaceutical dispoal bin is located in the Police lobby and will be monitored by the Records Department.  The Records Clerk or other Police personnel will view the items first to ensure that all items to be deposited meet the following requirements:
    • Pills/capsules must be in their original packaging
    • Liquid medications must be in a sealed container 
    • No syringes or other hazardous items will be accepted 
      If you have any questions, please contact Jeannette in the Records Division at (415) 508-2179.