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Aqua Zumba Starts 2/8!

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Aqua Zumba starts again Feb. 8 at the Pool!

Aqua Zumba blends the Zumba philosophy with water resistance, for one pool party you don’t want to miss!

There is less impact on your joints during an Aqua Zumba class so you can really let loose.  You will have a great workout, while you're having fun.

The class consists of six sessions on Mondays, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm.

Class Dates: Feb. 8, 15, 22, 29, March 7 & 14.

Cost: $60 residents* / $72 non-residents.

* If you live or work in town, you qualify for the resident rate!

Register online at or in the Brisbane Recreation office - 50 Park Place, 2nd Fl.  For any questions, contact Recreation Supervisor Steve Beaty at (415) 508-2144 or

Peninsula Clean Energy

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Please join us for an informational workshop on Tuesday, January 26th at 7:30pm at City Hall and learn more about a potential new energy option in San Mateo County.  Peninsula Clean Energy is the name given to the potential Community Choice Energy (CCE) program in San Mateo County.  This potential program would offer residential and commercial electricity customers new energy options, including higher renewable energy content at competitive rates.  If formed, electricity customers in the County would be able to choose between Peninsula Clean Energy and PG&E as their electricity purchaser.  Peninsula Clean Energy customers would receive multiple electricity options, each with a different amount of renewable energy content, at prices competitive with PG&E. 

It is expected that sometime in February, the Council will be considering joining as a participating agency of the Joint Powers Authority (JPA), which would allow Brisbane residential and commercial electricity customers the ability to participate in Peninsula Clean Energy. 

To be part of the dialogue, get project updates and learn more about the program, visit the Peninsula Clean Energy website or Facebook page:

Note: A 30-minute tutorial on how to register for and use Brisbane Town Hall will take place prior to the PCE Workshop, starting at 6pm in the Community Meeting Room.  Staff will be available with extra laptops to help residents with on-site registration.  We hope to hear from more residents; the City is listening!

Call for Artists

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Do you paint, dabble in photography, work with mixed media, or have some other forms of artwork that you would like to display at City Hall?  Well, the Parks and Recreation Department is looking to line up the next few months' of artwork for display in the conference room at City Hall.  Thanks to the efforts of Clara Johnson, former Brisbane Mayor, and Carole Nelson, former Community Development Director, the Large Conference Room at City Hall now serves not only as the main meeting location for city business, but also as an art gallery.  There have already been a handful of artist shows, which are always accompanied with a Wednesday evening Artist Reception.  

If you would like to showcase your work in City Hall's "art gallery", please contact Noreen Leek at (415) 508-2141.

Thanks to the efforts of Clara Johnson, former Brisbane Mayor, and Carole Nelson, former Community Development Director, the Large Conference Room at City Hall now serves not only as the main meeting location for city business, but also as an art gallery.  There have already been a handful of artist shows, which are always accompanied with a Wednesday evening Artist Reception from 6:00pm - 8:00pm.  If you would like to showcase your work in City Hall's "art gallery", please contact Noreen Leek at (415) 508-2141. - See more at:

Live at Mission Blue Debuts 1/23!

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The 12th Season of Live at Mission Blue kicks off with The Benvenue Fortepiano Trio.  A pre-concert talk with Bruce Lamott takes place starting at 7:30pm, with the concert following at 8:00pm.  There will also be a post-concert reception.  More information and to purchase tickets:

Signboard Postings

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Posted 1/14/2016

Tahitian Dance Class
Mon. & Wed. at Mission Blue      
Starting Jan 18, 7:15-9:15pm or 415-508-2140

Posted 1/11/2016

Memorial/Long Time Resident
John Gomez
Jan. 15th, 10:30 Mass St Robert's, San Bruno
Reception Following at Mission Blue

Posted 1/7/2016

Digital Photography Class
Every Other Thursday at Miss. Blue
Starting Jan 14, 6-9pm
For More Info Call 415.508.2140

Join Us for the 12th Season
Live at Mission Blue
Tickets Available Online at:


Signboard Postings

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Posted 1/20/2016

Live at Mission Blue Presents
Benvenue Fortepiano Trio
Saturday, January 23, 8:00pm Miss. Blue Ctr.
Tickets Available at the Door

Collective Yoga
Starting Feb. 4th, 7-8pm, Comm. Ctr.
More info or 415-508-2140


Home Sharing w/ HIP Housing

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Please find the January housing flyers for San Mateo County home seekers and providers

If you have an extra room to rent in your home, have you ever considered HIP Housing's Home Sharing Program?  You may be eligible to receive a $250 incentive if matched with someone from their program 90 days after the housemate moves in!  It's a good time to put that empty room to good use, earn regular monthly income and an extra $250!

Home Efficiency Project Planned?

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Greater financing options are now available to Brisbane residents who are planning any home efficency projects, as the Council has elected to have Brisbane participate in the California HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) Program.  Similar to CaliforniaFirst, another efficiency financing program, HERO finances projects such as distributed generation renewable energy sources, energy and water efficiency improvements, and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.  This is a completely voluntary program where qualifying projects are financed with the contracted amount collected via the property tax bill.  Thus, the HERO program is available to residential and commerical property owners only.  Visit the HERO website, to search their network of licensed, verified contractors.  You may also submit your e-mail address to if you wish to be notified once the program is active.

Sea Level Rise Open House

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Please join San Mateo County Supervisor Dave Pine and Supervisor Don Horsley for a Sea Level Rise Open House on January 30, 2016 from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at Genentech Conference Center.

Sea levels are rising and at an accelerating rate. In San Mateo County alone, rising sea levels put $24 billion in assets at risk.  In response, the County is completing a sea level rise vulnerability assessment to ensure our communities, ecosystems, and economy are prepared for rising waters.  The goals of the Open House are to share information on the County’s vulnerability assessment, and to hear how sea level rise could affect you. 

Open House Topics:

  • What is sea level rise?
  • What is the County doing to prepare?
  • What is at risk? 
  • What does sea level rise mean for you? 
  • How can you prepare for flooding this winter?
  • What is green infrastructure? How does it relate to sea level rise?

This will be a family-friendly event with interactive activities and eco-friendly raffle prizes!

Please join us for this important community conversation.

Visit SeaChangeSMC/events for more information and to RSVP.  You can also indicate whether or not you're attending the event on Facebook.

Climate Fact #2

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The Open Space and Ecology Committee bring you Climate Fact #2: The Need for Lowering One's Carbon Footprint

Start by calculating your carbon footprint here:

LINKS for more information:…/ghgemissions/gases/co2.html

January 2016 STAR

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Click here to read the January 2016 STAR.

How to Humanely Haze a Coyote

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This is a helpful video that shows how to humanely haze an urban coyote. Even if you've never come across one in town, you should still know what to do to make it known to the coyote that your street or yard isn't where you'd like them to be.

Business License Letter

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The City recently selected MuniServices as a partner to assist the City's staff in processing business licenses and collecting the annual business license tax, which is based on a business's gross receipts.  If you are a Brisbane business owner, you probably have received by now a letter that looks like the one pictured right (click to enlarge).  This letter informs business owners that the City is extending the grace period to submit payment without penalties until February 29, 2016.  It also states that a renewal package will be sent in January with a form customized for their business.  Upon receipt of the renewal package, please review it carefully and notify MuniServices of any changes needed to your account.  For any questions, please call MuniServices at 1-866-240-3665 or e-mail .  Thank you for your patience as this transition gets underway!

SFO Roundtable Meeting 1/7/16

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Mayor Cliff Lentz invites those concerned about SFO airplane noise to the SFO Community Roundtable's next Technical Working Group meeting, slated for January 7, 2016 at SFO.  They will be discussing Departures from 9:00am - 11:30am and Arrivals from 1:00pm - 3:30pm.  They will also be focusing on how the Roundtable can constructively engage the FAA Initiative to Address Noise Concerns of Santa Cruz/Santa Clara/San Mateo/San Francisco Counties, released in November 2015 and what potential next steps they might take to be effective partners in this process.  Click here to view the meeting agenda and location information.  Note: there will also be a conference call/webcast option available for those unable to attend in-person.

FAA officials have also been invited to attend this Technical Working Group meeting.  We look forward to a meaningful and productive collaboration with the FAA and elected officials to provide real noise abatement mitigation to the Bay Area.

January 2016 Marina News

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 Click here to read the January 2016 Marina Newsletter

Signboard Postings

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Posted 12/30/2015

Happy New Year!

Posted 12/23/2015

Happy Holidays!

New Year, New You!  #Conqueror
The Collective Camp
Next Session Begins Jan. 4th
Sign-up or 415-508-2140

Brisbane Baylands

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We would like to thank the Planning Commission for their efforts in the Baylands planning process.  Over the fall/early winter, they held 10 public hearings cumulatively exceeding 34 hours, and heard from over 100 speakers.  In January, the Planning Commission will start deliberating on what recommendation they will make to the City Council regarding the Baylands.  These deliberations will be open to the public and are tentatively scheduled for the Commission’s regularly scheduled meetings, which fall on second and fourth Thursdays of every month and start at 7:30 pm.  This schedule is subject to change.  For the most current scheduling information, please refer to the Baylands Schedule of Hearings page.

Council Budget Process

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Every June, the Council adopts a budget that will guide the following fiscal year’s activities.  This is probably one of the most paramount motions the Council takes each year, as the budget provides an annual financial plan for what will be accomplished in the upcoming fiscal year (in this year’s case, July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017). 

But, if you’ve ever watched a Council budget hearing, which usually start in early June, you’ll know that the budget wasn’t the result of work completed in just the prior month.  It takes MONTHS to ensure the budget is pulled together in a clear and meaningful fashion for the community.  The 2016-17 budget process will start in January, with the Council’s Retreat/Workshop.  This is a meeting that is always open to the public and where the Council will talk over what their priorities will be going forward in fiscal year 2016-17. 

This Workshop will help to inform the overall budget process, which includes the City Manager and Finance staff meeting with the rest of the City’s departments to prepare the budget.  In May, the City Manager and Finance staff work especially close with the Council Subcommittee to develop the presentation of the budget to the community.  Budget hearings kick off in June, and begin with the City Manager presenting the recommended budget to the Council and community.  The budget is usually adopted in late June.

If you’d like to take a look at the most current Budget-in-Brief (2015-16), then you can find copies of the tri-fold brochure at City Hall and the Library.  It can also be viewed on the City’s website here.  This 2-page document provides a basic overview of the City’s revenues and expenditures as related to the General Fund, the fund which finances most of the City’s services such as Police/Fire Safety.  Once again, stay tuned for budget hearings kicking off in June!  Or, if you’re curious to get involved earlier, send an e-mail to Administrative Services Director Stuart Schillinger at

Climate Fact #1

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Climate facts are created by Glenn Fieldman, member of the Open Space and Ecology Committee.  These facts are to call community awareness to global warming impacts as a measure of the City's Climate Action Plan.

The U.S Energy Information Administration website has more information about burning of gasoline here and formation of Carbon dioxide here.

Skatepark Update

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Existing skatepark to be replaced by new concrete surfaced skatepark.  Photo by Kevin Fryer.

At their December 17th meeting, the City Council voted to approve the final design of the new Brisbane Skatepark and authorized staff to put the plans and specifications out to bid.  This brings us one step closer to there being an updated, entirely concrete surfaced skatepark in town for Brisbane’s youth to enjoy for decades to come.

The community to date has raised over $34,000.  This is through the sale of bricks (thank you for your energy and hard work to that end, Jennifer Bousquet!), past Downtown Brisbane Car Shows (thank you for your organization, Tony Lukezic!), and the sale of Brisbane Skatepark t-shirts (thank you Michael Barnes and your team of skatepark advocates!).  Thank you also to DeeDee Porter for contacting contractors and initiating in-kind donations (this resulted in approximately $40,000 in committed in-kind donations!).  Brisbane business owner Tony Verreos is spearheading one last push to ensure that all businesses that want to be a part of helping make this project a reality are included.  Note: If you’re not a business owner but would like to still make a tax-deductible donation, please contact Caroline Cheung at City Hall at or (415) 508-2157.

Stay informed on Skatepark updates here via the City's website, the City's Facebook page, and the Facebook group, Brisbane SkateparkAnd, of course, the progress will continue to be documented in the monthly City STAR publication as the project moves forward.

Fly Safe with your Drone

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Did you know that if you fly a drone anywhere in the nation’s airspace, you automatically become part of the U.S. aviation system?  Under the law, your drone is an aircraft.  So, while the rules for drones may be different, you have the responsibility to operate safely, just as a Cessna or 747 pilot does.  The FAA has developed this safety checklist (PDF) that you, as a pilot, should use whenever you send a drone into the sky.  We want you to fly safe, fly smart – and have fun.

Council Reorg Meeting Recap

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Last night, the Council Chambers was filled to the brim with community members as we honored Councilmember Miller for his 16 years of service on the Council and over 32 years of public service to the Brisbane community.  Click here to view his Proclamation, which provides a comprehensive overview of how he served the community over the years.

He was awarded resolutions from San Mateo County Supervisor Adrienne Tissier, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, State Senator Jerry Hill, and Assemblymember Kevin Mullin...all of them thanking him for the wisdom, leadership, and balance he brought to every committee or commission he served on within the County.

Photo by Kevin Fryer

Photo by Kevin Fryer

Council then adopted Resolution 2015-44, adopting the County's Certification of Votes from the November 3rd General Municipal Election to fill two Council seats.  Newly-elected Councilmember Madison Davis and re-elected Councilmember Terry O'Connell were elected to serve on the City Council through December 2019.  The two were then sworn in together by Senator Hill. 

The Council then elected to appoint Mayor Pro Tem Cliff Lentz as Mayor and Councilmember Lori Liu as Mayor Pro Tem, both of whom were officially sworn in to their new positions by Senator Hill. 

Photo by Kevin Fryer

Photo by Kevin Fryer

Former Mayor Terry O'Connell was then recognized by Mayor Lentz for her service to the Brisbane community during the previous year.  The Council then heard from newest (and youngest ever) Councilmember, Madison Davis, who expressed her excitement to be able to learn from and serve alongside her fellow Councilmembers.

We thank all of those who came to this special Council Reorganization Meeting, who also went home with the City's newest history book!

Click here to view additional photos and video highlights from the event.

Signboard Postings

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Posted 12/18/2015

New Year, New You!  #Conqueror
The Collective Camp
Next Session Begins Jan. 4th
Sign-up or 415-508-2140

Posted 12/17/2015

Brisbane Women’s Club
Seniors Holiday Breakfast
Sat., Dec. 19th, 10am, 185 Visitacion
All Brisbane Seniors Welcome


CRV Recycling Program Ending 12/31

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A note from Dan Sorrentino, Brisbane School Recycling Program Manager and 2013 Volunteer of the Year:

The CRV School Recycling Program will end December 31, 2015 but the Lipman E-Waste Program is still going strong!

I want to thank everyone who has helped with the Brisbane CRV recycling program for the last FIVE YEARS.  Because of your efforts, we have donated over $40,000 to the Brisbane School District.  The recycling program is closing on December 31, 2015.  The Brisbane Hardware Store will no longer be a collection bin site.  If you know of some other worthy cause, then perhaps you could donate your CRV to them.  Or, put your recycling in your own household blue bin that the S. San Francisco Scavengers has provided.  If you have any questions please call me, my number is listed below.

However, the Lipman E-waste program is still going strong.  In 2015, the E-Waste Fundraiser is looking to exceed 30,000 pounds! 

The Lipman E-waste Collection Fundraiser was started in 2011 by former Lipman Librarian Sally Busalacchi.  In its inaugural year, this effort collected over 4,000 pounds of E-waste, which Zarc Recycling in Brisbane paid $400.00 to Lipman.  In 2014, the E-waste collection had grown to over 21,000 pounds and in 2015 is on track to exceed 30,000 pounds, which will generate about $3,000.00 for Lipman School.  This money can then be used to buy NEW computers for student use.  Please call me at the number below for questions or pick-up if you cannot deliver your E-waste (like large TVs) to Lipman on the annual collection day.

Please bring your E-waste to Lipman School (1 Solano St.) on January 23, 2016.

Thank you,

Brisbane School Recycling Program Manager
Dan Sorrentino
(415) 203-6459

Signboard Postings

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Posted 12/11/2015

Brisbane Dance Workshop
Arts & Crafts Fair
Sat. Dec. 12, 11am – 5pm, Miss. Blue Ctr.
Check out BDW on Facebook for more info

Brisbane Eagles
Alzheimers Fund Benefit B.B.Q
Sat., Dec. 12, 2-4pm, 185 Visitacion
Tri-tip & Baked Potato; $10.00/person

To be posted 12/13/2015

Brisbane Arsenal Boys
U10 Area Soccer Champion

Breath of Heaven
Presented by Bridge Ministry Choir
Sun., Dec. 20, 10:00am
298 San Bruno Ave.


Safety Tips from your Firefighters

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North County Fire Authority wants you and your family to be safe this holiday season.  To that end, they have new holiday PSA videos that you can view on their website, (they will also be shown on Ch. 27).  There are 15 second versions and longer, 30 second versions, in English, Spanish and Tagalog.  Please feel free to share them with your friends and family!

Parent Engagement Meeting

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Over a month ago, as a means to follow up with the Parent Survey that was distributed to those whose children are enrolled in the City's KinderCare and ClubRec afterschool programs at BES, a Parent Engagement Meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, December 16th at 5:30pm at City Hall in the Community Meeting Room.  This meeting is open to the public, but will specifically touch on the results of the parent survey, with Parks and Recreation staff facilitating a collaborative discussion around the future of the KinderCare and ClubRec programs, with the goal being to provide the families who utilize these programs the best offerings possible.  In order for parents to attend this evening meeting, staff will be providing extended childcare at ClubRec until 7pm that evening.  In the event you are unable to make the meeting, staff will be sharing the outcomes and will provide an opportunity for you to chime in at a later time.  The meeting results will also be discussed at the next Parks and Recreation Commission meeting of January 13, 2015.  Thank you for those who have already taken the time to complete the survey; we look forward to continuing the conversation with you on the 16th!

Santa's Visit 2015

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Did you hear?  Santa is coming to town!  But he's on a tight schedule, so be sure to check when and where he'll be stopping and be mindful of his time!  This will allow Santa and the Brisbane Lions that will be escorting him to move swiftly along their scheduled route and visit all the kids in Brisbane!  Click here or the image below to view Santa's route and schedule for this year.

Smoking Ordinance

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UPDATE: Wednesday, 12/9 - The Council last night voted to adopt Ordinance 602 enacting the following motions.

UPDATE: Friday, 12/4 - At last night’s City Council meeting, the Council approved two motions:

First, they unanimously voted to adopt Ordinance 602 as written with the following amendments:

  1. Updating a bullet point in one of the Whereas statements (p.4)  to, “The United States Fire Administration recommends that if people smoke, that they smoke outdoors;”
  2. Changing “At all public transit stops” to “At all public transit shelters” in Section 8.45.040 – Areas where smoking is prohibited
  3. Removing Chapter 8.46, which takes out all restrictions on smoking in multi-unit residences, but leaving all restrictions on smoking in public places and on certain types of distribution and sale of tobacco products, and all provisions extending the City’s existing tobacco retailer license provisions to e-cigarette retailers.

Second, the Council unanimously moved that it is the Council’s intent to adopt an ordinance regulating smoking in multi-unit residences within the next year (2016).  Before that happens, there will be extensive education outreach on the nature of the ordinance and the justification for it, and a full opportunity for feedback from all impacted homeowner associations and landlords.  Stay tuned!  Click here to read the full staff report from the Deputy City Attorney for the City Council meeting of 12/8.

UPDATE: Friday, 11/20 - The Council last night set 12/3 as the date they will meet to discuss the ordinance in more detail.  The agenda will be made available 72 hrs. prior on the All Meetings page.

UPDATE: Friday, 11/13 - The Subcommittee met today and will be meeting again on Wednesday, 11/18.  They will discuss with the full Council at their 11/19 meeting the possibility of having a special meeting on 12/3 to discuss the ordinance in more detail.

UPDATE: Friday, 11/6 - The City Council last night decided to refer Ordinance No. 602 back to the Health & Safety Subcommittee for further review.

* * * * *

The City Council will consider introduction of Ordinance No. 602, restricting or limiting the use of tobacco products and/or e-cigarettes in various public places, businesses patronized by the public and in common areas and individual units of multi-unit dwellings and (2) ban the sale of tobacco products and/or e-cigarettes sales when such products are not in the manufacturer’s original packaging or are sold from vending machines or self-service displays.

This item was discussed at the City Council meeting of October 15 and was continued to November 5th.  Council will consider new regulations to ban the smoking of tobacco and other products in public places, common areas and individual units of multi-unit residences.  This ban would apply to the use of e-cigarettes and the smoking or vaporizing of medical marijuana.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall, 50 Park Place.  Click here to view the staff report on this issue.

Holiday Donations at City Hall

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In the spirit of the season, toy, food, and coat donation boxes have been set up in the lobby of City Hall.  Please consider donations of new, unwrapped gifts, canned or dry foods, and/or new or slightly used coats (via the organization One Warm Coat) this holiday season.  The boxes will be picked up the first week of January and all donations will be donated locally to those in need.  Thank you for thinking of and helping others this holiday season!

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