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New BES Restroom Facility

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With the BES Restroom Facility having been already dedicated at a fun, simple toilet paper-cutting ceremony in late September, you may be wondering what the status of the restroom facility is today.  Well, most of the punchlist items, including the sod being laid and the floors curing, have been completed since we last posted about it.  Also, the facility's water fountain which wasn't working last week has now been fixed (this was due to the lever being turned, cutting off the water supply).  The lever has since been removed and will be replaced once a cage is installed which will properly cover it.  The porta-potty that sat on the field at the Alvarado St. entrance for longer than most of us can remember (at least a decade) is being removed on Monday, saving the City some monthly rental fee expenses.  So please enjoy this newest restroom facility in Brisbane, as it sure took the partnership and assistance of many to make sure it was brought to pass!  And just in case you're wondering, the BES Restroom Project is being paid for through a State Parks Bond (at no expense to the City), totaling approximately $89,000.