Baylands Specific Plan Sequence of Events

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  • February 21: City deems Specific Plan application complete
  • February 24: EIR Notice of Preparation sent to responsible agencies requesting
  • comments on issues to be addressed in the forthcoming Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
  • March 2: First EIR Scoping Session
  • March 21: EIR Scoping Session #2.
  • April 27: EIR Scoping Session #3.
  • June 13: EIR Scoping Session #4
  • June 23: Speaker Series: The Art of Architecture in the Age of Ecology, James Wines
  • June 26: EIR Scoping Session #5
  • December 4: City Council approves contract with Environmental Science Associates Inc. (ESA) to prepare EIR


  • January: Preparation of EIR commences
  • February 13: Speaker Series: The Value of Public Recreational Facilities and Open Space, John Crompton
  • February 20: City Council meeting to establish Alternatives Development Process
  • March 12: Speaker Series: Alternative Energy Systems, Multiple Speakers
  • March 22: Speaker Series: The Economics of Redevelopment, Multiple Speakers
  • April 1-30: City’s consultant Dyett and Bhatia interviews 16 stakeholder groups regarding Alternatives Visioning
  • April 2: Speaker Series: Transit and Land Use, Alan Hoffman
  • April 9: City Council/Planning Commission Alternatives Visioning Workshop
  • May 12: Community Alternatives Visioning Workshop #1
  • June 23: Community Alternatives Visioning Workshop #2
  • July 23: City Council Workshop on Results of Public Alternatives Visioning
  • October 29: Speaker Series: Zero Carbon/Zero Waste Mixed Use Developments, Greg Searle
  • November 14: Speaker Series: Natural Capitalism Strategies for Sustainability, Hunter Lovins
  • November 16: Speaker Series: Iconic Architecture and Landscapes, Charles Jencks
  • December 3: Speaker Series: Ecocities: Rebuilding Cities in Balance with Nature, Richard Register


  • March 17: City Council Update on Alternatives Process
  • April 7: City Council Update on Initiation of Baylands Wind Study
  • May 5: City Council Meeting to approve next phase of Alternatives Review Process
  • May 19: City Council Workshop on Alternatives
  • June: City News published with 6-page insert describing the alternatives and process, inviting the public to open house and workshops. Includes comment card to be filled out and returned to City Hall.
  • June 2: City Council meeting on Baylands Open Space Planning
  • June 7: Alternatives Open House #1
  • June 9: Alternatives Open House #2
  • June 10: Alternatives Presentation to Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
  • June 11: Joint PC/PBR/OSEC workshop on Alternatives
  • June 18: Alternatives Community Workshop #1
  • July 12: Alternatives Community Workshop #2
  • July 28: City Council Update- Community Input on Alternatives
  • October 27: Baylands Public Space Planning Ad-hoc City Council Subcommittee meeting
  • November 17: City Council Baylands Update and authorization to proceed with public space master planning


  • December 23: Baylands Public Ad-hoc city Council subcommittee meeting
  • January 5: City Council Update-2009 Baylands Work Program
  • January 26: City Council Public Space Planning informational workshop
  • February 4: PBR Commission public space planning workshop
  • February 5: Planning Commission public space planning workshop
  • February 11: Open Space & Ecology Committee public space planning workshop
  • February 18: Parks, Beaches & Recreation Commission public space planning workshop #2
  • April 13: City Council review/endorsement of draft Baylands public space plan
  • May 18: City Council update on alternatives process
  • June 8: City Council review of outstanding policy issues to be resolved for community alternative
  • June 22: City Council review of outstanding policy issues to be resolved for community alternative
  • July 20: City Council authorizes study of community alternative in forthcoming EIR


  • April 17:  City Council presentation from SFTA regarding Bayshore Multimodal Station Access Study
  • May 3:  City Council authorizes contract with Energy Solutions to refine Renewable Energy Alternative
  • May 24:  Informational presentation by UPC to City Council regarding updated specific plan project description
  • June 21:  City Council update on Baylands process
  • July 6:  City Council authorizes EIR contract modification with ESA for further EIR preparation
  • October:  Preliminary Technical Feasibility Study of Baylands Renewable Energy Alternative completed by Energy Solutions and presented by PG&E for review and comment
  • November:  UPC submits Executive Summary of updated Baylands Specific Plan
  • December 10:  Revised EIR Notice of Preparation published


  • January 4:  EIR scoping meeting held
  • February 15:  Updated Baylands Specific Plan, prepared by UPC, released for public review
  • February to Present:  Draft EIR under preparation by City's EIR consultant


  • January 19:  Staff presentation to OSEC regarding CEQA
  • February 21:  City Council discussion of EIR review process; establishes 120-day public comment period for DEIR when published
  • May 7:  City Council selects ICF International to provide CEQA training for public and City boards and commissions
  • June 16:  Community CEQA training held
  • June 19:  CEQA training held for Brisbane Baylands Community Advisory Group (BBCAG)
  • July 10:  CEQA training held for Open Space and Ecology Committee
  • July 18:  CEQA training held for Parks and Recreation Commission
  • August 9:  CEQA training scheduled for Planning Commission
  • October 15:  City Council approves non-binding Term Sheet for possible future water exchange agreement with Oakdale Irrigation District
  • October 22:  Revised EIR Notice of Preparation (NOP) released for 30-day review
  • November 21:  Comment period for EIR NOP closes
  • December 17:  City Council update on EIR Process and Citizen's Committee


  • June 11:  Baylands DEIR published for review by public and affected public agencies - starts 120 day period to comment on the DEIR
  • June 18:  EIR Informational Presentation for Public on DEIR Topics - Introduction, Project Description, Land Use and Alternatives
  • June 20:  EIR Informational Presentation for Public on DEIR Topics - Traffic, Air Quality, GHG and Noise
  • June 25:  EIR Informational Presentation for Public on DEIR Topics - Public Services, Public Utilities, Recreation and Energy
  • June 27:  EIR Informational Presentation for Public on DEIR Topics - Hazards, Biological Resources, Historic Resources, and all other EIR Topics
  • August 19:  City Council extends the DEIR comment deadline to November 22, 2013
  • October 22:  Planning Commission meeting to accept public comments on the DEIR
  • October 24:  Planning Commission meeting to accept public comments on the DEIR
  • October 29:  Planning Commission meeting to accept public comments on the DEIR
  • November 18:  City Council extends the DEIR comment deadline to January 24, 2014


  • January 24:  Comment Period on DEIR closes (last day to submit written comments on the DEIR to be included in the Final EIR)


  • City-wide Baylands survey undertaken
  • Final EIR to be published
  • Planning Commission to conduct public hearings on Final EIR and Specific Plan and alternatives
  • Planning Commission to make recommendations to City Council on Final EIR and Specific Plan 
  • Recommendations to be forwarded to City Council.  City Council to conduct public hearings on Final EIR, Specific Plan and Specific Plan alternatives
  • Final EIR to be certified and Specific Plan approval by the City Council