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2017 Council Workplan - Economic Development

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  • Sierra Point Design/Development Strategy

City efforts to enliven and promote public activity at Sierra Point have been ongoing for many years.  Toward this end, on February 2, 2017 the City Council approved a revised Development Agreement with the developers of the Opus Office Complex at 3000-3500 Marina Boulevard, Sierra Point.  Under the terms of the Development Agreement, the expiration date of the Office Complex project approvals was extended from 2022 to 2027.  In exchange, the developer will install solar generation facilities on the roof of the planned parking structure, relinquish their long-term ground lease over City-owned 3.4 acre Parcel R near the Marina, and pay fees to the City for unspecified future public improvements to Parcel R.  This provides an exciting opportunity for the City to transform Parcel R and put it to beneficial public use.  The City Council will undertake a separate process to determine how and when to improve Parcel R for public use. 

In 2008, the City approved development of a 540,000 square foot research and development complex of 5 buildings, plus a parking garage with a small amount of retail near the Marina.  The site encompasses 22 vacant acres between the Brisbane Marina and the DoubleTree Hotel.  The project developer, HCP, has applied for building permits to construct the first two buildings.  In preparation, the City has approved site grading and the driving of test piles.  For pedestrian safety, a temporary detour of the Bay Trail has been established to run along Sierra Point Parkway instead of the south shore.  It is expected that the temporary detour will be in place through the fall of 2018. 

  • Economic Development Workplan

The Economic Development Subcommittee meets on a monthly basis and receives a report from the Economic Development Director.  They have a fairly lengthy workplan themselves, centered on attraction and retention of businesses in Brisbane.

  •  High Speed Rail

It is anticipated that the High Speed Rail Authority will be publishing an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) sometime in 2019, where they have identified two alternative sites on the Baylands – one east and one west of the Caltrain line – for a maintenance yard.  Staff will be monitoring its release.

  • 2018 California Legislation

With the CA State Legislature in session until end of August, staff is monitoring any draft bills that could affect Brisbane in relation to housing issues and bills specific to the Brisbane Baylands.  Link to the 2018 Tentative Legislative Calendar.



  • Public Arts Ordinance Approved - COMPLETED JULY 2017

In November of 2012, the City Council directed the Parks and Recreation Commission to draft an ordinance, which the Public Arts Subcommittee did with assistance from staff and the City Attorney.  It was determined that the ordinance itself would be more of a shell, talking about how revenues are taken in, with the Implementation Guidelines done as a separate document, which would give the Council the most amount of flexibility to make changes if needed rather than go through an ordinance method.  The ordinance was approved in October of 2014 and the Public Arts Subcommittee then drafted the Implementation Guidelines.  The Guidelines were reviewed by a citizen committee for feedback before going to the Parks and Recreation Commission for their review in February of 2017.  Ultimately, the Implementation Guidelines went before the Council at their July 20, 2017 meeting where they were unanimously approved. 

The determination was made by the Public Arts Subcommittee to form a Public Art Advisory Committee to review and make decisions on conceptual design plans submitted by a developer of a project subject to the public art requirement.  It would be comprised of two members of the City Council, two members of the Parks and Recreation Commission, and two members from the public, with one being from the business community (an employee or owner of a business located in Brisbane) and one being from the artist community (professionally engaged in the art community).  The Public Art Advisory Committee will meet at least once a year (then on an as-needed basis) to review money available for public art and to make a recommendation to the Commission on its use.  Applications were accepted for the Public Art Advisory Committee through January 31, 2018.  Council will be interviewing candidates for the newly formed Committee on March 13, 2018.



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