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VIDEOS: 'Sort Your Rubbish!' Series

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One of the projects our Summer Multimedia Intern Johnson Xiao hoped to accomplish for the Open Space and Ecology Committee was an educational video focused on how to properly sort trash one's trash by utilizing one of the four waste streams: Compost, Recyclables, Trash, and Paper.  The end result was four separate videos, each focused on one waste stream.  We'll post one a day this week, ending with a mashup of the four on Friday!  Enjoy, and we hope you learn something new!  And remember, If in doubt, find out!

MONDAY: Sort Your Rubbish! [Compost]

TUESDAY - Sort Your Rubbish! [Recyclables]

WEDNESDAY - Sort Your Rubbish! [Trash]

THURSDAY - Sort Your Rubbish! [Paper]

FRIDAY - Sort Your Rubbish! [Mashup]

These videos were so much fun to make.  Special thanks to Sustainability Management Analyst Adrienne Etherton for managing the project, our Summer Interns Julia Deschaumes, Emilio Flamenco, Brenda Walker, along with Assistant Engineer II Justin Yuen for starring in the videos, and of course Johnson Xiao for producing them for the community to enjoy!  We hope you learned something new about the 4 waste streams and how you can modify your habits to be sure you #sortsmart!

Final High School Bus Update

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Final routes for the upcoming 2018-19 school year were finalized last Friday and shared by SamTrans with the Brisbane parents working group.  This group was largely spearheaded by Brisbane resident Alina Zavodnik, who began encouraging other Brisbane parents to get involved by attending meetings and brainstorming alternatives with City staff and Mayor Conway, which they started doing in late 2017.  Seeing that the most likely scenario for safely transporting Brisbane & Southern Hills high school students to and from their homes and high school would be via existing SamTrans routes, the group recently began meeting with SamTrans on possible route modifications.  The following determinations were made for how best to integrate SamTrans service to and from Brisbane to the students’ high schools.

Route 24 | Will Now Run from Brisbane to Jefferson, Westmoor, Summit Shasta High Schools

Route 24 currently serves Jefferson and Westmoor High School students.  Route 24 will extend to Summit Shasta and the route schedule will be modified to accommodate the school bell times for all three high schools.  In the morning, the Route 24 will start at Brisbane, departing 7:05am, and end at Shasta High School at 7:52am.  In the afternoon, the Route 24 will pick up students at Westmoor High School first at 3:25pm, then go to Shasta High School at 3:40pm, Jefferson High School at 3:48pm, and arriving in Brisbane at 4:15pm.  The bus stop for Summit Shasta is located at Serramonte Blvd. & Highway 1.  The new service will be implemented in August 2018 as a 1-year pilot program, during which the route will be evaluated for continued inclusion in the SamTrans service plan.

Route 49 | Extending Service to Brisbane for Students going to Oceana and Terra Nova High Schools

Presently, Route 49 operates via San Bruno BART, Sneath Ln., Allen Dr., Skyline Blvd., Sharp Park, Hwy 1, Crespi Dr. into Terra Nova High School.  In August 2018, Route 49 will start in Brisbane, departing 6:48am from Old County Rd. & San Francisco Ave., go through San Bruno Ave. and Sneath Lane, Skyline College, Manor Drive, arriving at Oceana High School at 7:32am, and ending at Terra Nova High School at 7:45am.  The reverse trip in the afternoon will follow the same pattern, departing Terra Nova at 3:10pm, Oceana at 3:27pm, and arriving in Brisbane at 4:11pm.  The new service will be implemented in August 2018 as a 1-year pilot program, during which the route will also be evaluated for continued inclusion in the SamTrans service plan.

All service changes are effective Sunday, August 5, 2018.  

The bus stop is located at the Community Park on Old County Rd.  Discounted Youth Clipper Cards can be applied for here.

Route Info, Maps & Schedules -

#49: http://bit.ly/2vRFcRq
#24: http://bit.ly/2vRwjal

Thank you, SamTrans, for working with Brisbane residents and City officials on a solution for the school year!

Your feedback is welcomed and encouraged!  Share your compliments, suggestions, or concerns with Christina Contreras, SamTrans Marketing Outreach Coordinator, by emailing her at contrerasc@samtrans.com or by calling her at (650) 508-7763.

National Bike/Ped Count 2018

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Every year in mid-September, the San Mateo County Office of Sustainability recruits volunteers to count at various locations throughout the county during two hour periods.

The goal is to provide accurate and consistent documentation on usage and demand, and encourage investments in transportation modes other than the private automobile.  This is part of the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation (NBPD) Project, a nationwide effort to provide data collection and ongoing data for use by planners, governments, and the general public.  Therefore, the count methodology follows standardized NBPD guidelines.

For 2018, the count period is September 11th - 16th.  Dedicated volunteers like you are needed to help in this important work!  Volunteers are needed for the in-field data collection component.  This means that you get to be outside enjoying a couple of hours in the beautiful, mid-peninsula weather while recording those who walk and bike past.  Each shift is two hours and you can indicate your location and time preferences.  To register as a volunteer, please do so here.  You can also view the Active Transportation page on the Office of Sustainability's website for more information.  Thank you for your consideration in helping with this very important documentation effort!

What's Happening on Bayshore Blvd.?

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UPDATE: Wednesday, August 1st - the work of installing a concrete barrier wall outside Ice House Hill was completed today.  Thank you all for your patience as this important project was being performed!




With the wire mesh drapery project on the west slope of Ice House Hill now complete, a contractor is removing the “temporary” k-rail at the bottom of the slope on the eastern side of Bayshore Boulevard, and installing a continuous concrete barrier wall meant to provide rock debris from entering the bike lane and vehicle travel way.  The work is expected to be complete mid next week.

As always, drive cautiously through the construction zone for your safety and the safety of the workers.

Thank you for your patience.

August 2018 STAR Newsletter

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Click here to read the August 2018 STAR Newsletter.