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Art Shows at City Hall

Thanks to the efforts of Clara Johnson, former Brisbane Mayor, and Carole Nelson, former Community Development Director, the Large Conference Room at City Hall now serves not only as the main meeting location for city business, but also as an art gallery.  There have been many art shows over the years, which are generally accompanied with a Wednesday evening Artist Reception from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. 

The Parks and Recreation Department is always looking for artists interested in displaying their work in City Hall's art gallery.  If you or someone you know is interested, please click here for more information. 

Current Showcase - Club Rec Afterschool Program Art Club

The Sculpture and Mixed Media Club had a blast creating these works of art.  Students from 2nd-5th grade learned about layering, blending and more.  They used newspapers, magazine, paint and a lot of glue.  Each piece of art was built up and crafted over weeks of hard work. 

Let's give a big thank you to Ms. Maria Deane and Angela Rodas for teaching and helping these young artists build their creative abilities and confidence.