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The Building division of the Community Development Department is responsible for activities related to construction, remodeling and demolition of structures.

Latest News in the Building Division

The City adopted the 2016 California Building Code (CBC) on January 5, 2017, which is updated by the State every three years.

In addition to the State's energy code imbedded in the CBC, the City is requiring cool roofs and solar installations for new development permits submitted after February 4, 2017. For more information, please visit the Solar Energy Systems For New Construction page. If you are interested in installing a rooftop solar on your home or duplex, your application may be eligible for streamlined processing and inspection. Visit the Residential Rooftop Solar page to view the eligibility criteria and download the required checklists and forms. If your application isn’t eligible for streamlining, check out the Solar Energy Systems page for guidelines for non-streamlined applications.

Pursuant to Brisbane Municipal Code §8.41.010, the City’s Director of Public Works determined on September 2, 2014 that Stage 1 Drought Response Measures should be implemented to reduce water consumption by 10%.  Effective October 7, 2014, water consumption reduction measures are required of all city water customers, including contractors. Failure to comply subjects violators to penalties up to $500. 

The City of Brisbane accepts building permits to be submitted electronically through its Building Permits web-based system.  The system allows the public to initiate and manage a variety of building permit requests and activities through a centralized web portal, such as submitting plans and documents online and tracking the progress of their building permit applications.  It is the goal of the City to reduce the amount of paper generated during the permitting and plan review process.  By using our new electronic review system, citizens can help us reach these sustainability goals while leveraging the added convenience of an online system.

The City's online system is powered by GreenVue Fusion software.  GreenVue Fusion provides innovative and affordable permitting and electronic plan review solutions for jurisdictions of all sizes.  To learn more about GreenVue Fusion, please visit www.gvfusion.com.

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