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In September 2017, the Brisbane City Council adopted Ordinance 617, adding Chapter 17.33 to the Brisbane Municipal Code to regulate certain types of medicinal and non-medicinal cannabis businesses in the City’s commercial zoning districts.  In April 2018, the City Council adopted Ordinance 625 to eliminate the prohibition of cannabis related businesses within 600 feet of a school or daycare, effective May 5, 2018. 
Questions about the Ordinance and permitting process for cannabis businesses may be directed to the Community Development Department at (415) 508-2120 or planning@brisbaneca.org.

"Where and How Can I Establish My Cannabis Business?"

The Ordinance allows cannabis businesses (warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, and delivery-only retail) as conditionally permitted uses in the Crocker Industrial Park (TC-1 District). Research and development involving cannabis will also be allowed in Crocker Industrial Park, Southwest Bayshore (SCRO-1 District), and Sierra Point (SP-CRO District). Click on the below image of the City's Zoning Map to view zoning district locations. 
To apply for a Use Permit for a conditionally permitted cannabis business or testing laboratory, a Use Permit application and supplemental Cannabis Business Compliance Checklist is required, both available on the Planning Permit Applications page. Please note that in order to apply for a Use Permit or business license for a cannabis business or testing laboratory, a physical business premise is required.  There is no cap or limit for the types or number of Use Permits or business licenses issued for cannabis-related uses.
Cannabis Business Flow Chart