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Water Main Replacement Project Phase 1

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Important Fire Flow Improvements to Brisbane’s Water Infrastructure Planned for 2018

The City started construction on the first phase of the Annis Road Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) Station and Fire Main Replacement Project.  This project will provide much-needed improvements to our City’s aging drinking water infrastructure and will include the replacement of 6-inch water mains with 8- and 10-inch pipe along portions of:

Sierra Point Road, Humboldt Road, Annis Road, Thomas Ave, and Firth Park Parking Lot

  • This project will present some unavoidable impacts in the neighborhoods in and around the construction area.
    • These impacts will include water shutdowns and road closures.

If you have to leave your building unattended after the water has been turned off, please ensure that all your faucets and fixtures are off to prevent the possibility of flooding when the water main is turned back on.
After the water is turned on, you may initially notice some discoloration in your water. This is normal and not a water quality problem. If your water appears discolored, or bubbly, run cold water through a faucet for several minutes until it appears clear.


  • The road closures will start the first week of September.
    • The road will be closed to vehicles in 500' sections, from 8am - 5pm on weekdays (Pedestrian access will be allowed.)
      • Monday 12/10/18:         San Diego Ct and Humboldt Rd (between San Diego Ct and Sierra Point Rd) will be closed.
      • Tuesday 12/11/18:         San Diego Ct and Humboldt Rd (between San Diego Ct and Sierra Point Rd) will be closed.
      • Wednesday 12/12/18:  San Diego Ct and Humboldt Rd (between San Diego Ct and Sierra Point Rd) will be closed
      • Thursday 12/13/18:       No Parking on Thomas Avenue
      • Friday 12/14/18:            Humboldt Rd will be closed from Sierra Point Rd to Annis for paving. This will also restrict access to San Diego Ct.


  • The contractor will be staging equipment at the Firth Park Parking lot starting the second week of August.
    • There will be a limited number of spaces for residents to use who are impacted by the road closures.
    • The rest of the lot will be reserved for construction staging purposes.


Garbage Pick-up times will be early:

SSF Scavenger will be picking up garbage and recycling before the 8 am road closures. Please have your bins on the curb the night before, as they will have trucks out by 5:00am.


For updates: Check this webpage regularly and/or Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Nextdoor.


(Last updated: November 9, 2018)

Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Brisbane Library

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It was a successful Groundbreaking Ceremony for the New Brisbane Library, where a small crowd was treated to poetry read by the current San Mateo County Poet Laureate Lisa Rosenberg, followed by acknowledgements from Mayor Clarke Conway, Supervisor David Canepa, Friends of the Brisbane Library Co-Presidents Wendy Towle and Dawn David, and last but not least, Library JPA Board Member and Brisbane Councilmember Karen Cunningham. All the Brisbane Councilmembers, Supervisor Canepa, Brisbane City Manager Clay Holstine, and the newest (and youngest) member of the Friends of the Brisbane Library, Chaya-Bella David, then got down to business...officially breaking ground for the New Brisbane Library! Thank you to San Mateo County Libraries, Brisbane Library, and San Mateo County for all of your support in making the Groundbreaking such a success.  Brisbane’s new Library is scheduled to open in time for the 2019-20 school year. We can’t wait for the Grand Opening!

Photo Credit: Kevin Fryer

Welcome to Brisbane, CA

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Come take a tour around Brisbane with Economic Development Director Mitch Bull.  From the end of Trinity with the sweeping slopes of San Bruno Mountain in the background, down to the Bay Trail along the Brisbane Marina, we're sure you'll learn something new about the City of Stars!  Click below.

Video by: Caroline Cheung and Johnson Xiao

Five Mayors in SMC Graduated from Jefferson High School

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On May 19th, Pacific Islands Together (P.I.T.) celebrated their 5th Annual SHINE! Family Day at Jefferson High School in Daly City.  A highlight of the SHINE! Family Day event was the return of four Jefferson High alum, who all happen to currently hold elected positions in the County.  Those included Brisbane Mayor Clarke Conway, Colma Mayor Rae Gonzalez, Daly City Mayor Juslyn Manalo, and San Mateo County Community College District Board Trustee Member Maurice Goodman (South San Francisco Mayor Liza Normandy regrets she could not attend).  The four Jefferson grads participated in a short panel discussion at the start of the SHINE! Family Day event, which was a day full of culture, live music and dancing, and community. We hope you enjoy the recap video!  Click below.

Video by: Caroline Cheung and Johnson Xiao

New Brisbane Library

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In 2014, the Council identified the L.T. Clarke/5 Star Café site as the preferred site for the new Brisbane Library and afterwards formed a Library Planning Stakeholder Group.  This group is comprised of representatives from the Friends of the Brisbane Library, Mothers of Brisbane, San Mateo County Library Staff, Brisbane School District, BEST/PTO, City Council (1 member, plus 1 alternate), a Parks and Recreation Commissioner, the City Manager, and the Public Works Director. 

Library Planning Stakeholder Group (LPSG) reviews architectural-engineering RFPs (early 2016)

 LPSG recommends architectural and design firm (Siegel & Strain) to Council (April, 2016)

 50% design of the New Brisbane Library to Council (November 3, 2016 meeting)

Council adopts a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND)* for the new Library (February 2, 2017 meeting)

Council approves final design of the Library and invites construction bids (March 15, 2018 meeting)

Council awards construction contract (May 17, 2018 meeting)

Construction of the Library starts (July 2, 2018)

Groundbreaking Ceremony (July 14, 2018)

Construction ends (expected Summer/Fall 2019)

As far as funding goes, the County Board of Supervisors voted to authorize $300K in Measure A funds for design purposes at their March 29, 2016 meeting.  The County Library System will provide $400,000 for furniture and furnishings.  The Friends of the Brisbane Library are setting out to raise $100,000 for the new Brisbane Library, starting in 2017.  Click here to donate towards the New Brisbane Library! 

At their March 15th City Council Meeting, the Brisbane City Council approved an agreement with the County of San Mateo for a $1.7 million loan at an interest rate of 1.2% for 15 years.  The estimated cost of the Library ended up being $9,065,000.  Approximately $3.6 million would come from City funds, with all of its Business License revenue dedicated to Capital Improvements. 

* The Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) study found that the new Library would not have a significant effect on the environment because mitigation measures have been incorporated into the project.

Drought Information from the City

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Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life

On April 7, 2017, Governor Brown announced an end to the drought state of emergency and for Californians to transition to a permanent framework for making water conservation a California way of life.  He also directed the State Water Board to continue development of permanent prohibitions on wasteful water use and to continue the following water practices to best preserve this precious resource:

What’s Required for Everyone

  • You cannot water or use outdoor irrigation during or within 48 hours of measurable precipitation
  • Landscapes can only be watered between 6 PM and 9 AM
  • You cannot wash sidewalks, driveways, and “hardscape” with potable water
  • Watering your outdoor landscape cannot result in runoff outside the landscape
  • When washing vehicles, you need to use a hose with an automatic shutoff nozzle
  • All decorative water fountains/features using potable water need to have a recirculating system

What’s Required for Business

  • Food service establishments may only serve water to customers upon request
  • Hotels and motels must offer guests the option to not launder towels and linens daily

What’s Required for the City

  • Ensure new home landscape irrigation complies with Building Standards Commission and Department of Housing and Community Development requirements
  • Stop irrigation of ornamental turf on public street medians with potable water
  • Continue reporting conservation progress to Water Board

Note that the City will continue to fully enforce these requirements.

Who to call for more information on these regulations, or to report water waste:

Department of Public Works: (415) 508-2130


Click here to view some Water Conservation Tips and help reduce water use

Downtown Brisbane Arial

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 Photo by Lee Panza

View from Trinity

Lagoon and Bay

Brisbane Marina

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Photo by Scott Mucci, Creative Commons Licensed

Mission Blue Butterfly

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Photo by Karen Cunningham, used by permission

Caltrain and the Mountain

Sierra Point

Houses on the Hill

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Photo by C.J. MacDonald, used by permission

55th Anniversary Celebration