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Public Art Advisory Committee

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The Brisbane Public Art Advisory Committee is the City Committee responsible for ensuring all public art projects in the City of Brisbane meet the program criteria and guidelines for selection of an artist or artist team, artwork, and artwork location established in the Public Arts Implementation Guidelines before submittal of the Final Design Plan to the Parks and Recreation Commission.  

The Brisbane Public Art Advisory Committee is a City committee composed of 2 Parks and Recreation Commissioners as designated by the Parks and Recreation Commission, 2 City Council Members (the Council’s Parks and Recreation Commission Liaisons), and 3 Brisbane Community members, appointed by City Council for two-year terms.  The Community members must include one individual professionally engaged in the art community, one individual that is an employee or owner of a Brisbane business and the other may be either a resident of Brisbane or an owner/employee of a Brisbane business. (Please note: Members of the Public Art Advisory Committee will be ineligible to propose public art projects while they serve on the Committee and for 1 year after they leave the Committee). 

The Public Art Advisory Committee will meet on an as needed basis to review and make recommendations regarding public art projects that are commissioned by a private person or entity.  Additionally, the Public Art Advisory Committee will meet to review the balance of funds in the Public Art Fund to determine if they should propose any projects to be initiated and commissioned by the City.  Members of the Public Art Advisory Committee will also make up the Public Art Selection Committee and review public art projects commissioned by the City.

For more information about the Public Art Advisory Committee, please contact Noreen Leek nleek@ci.brisbane.ca.us or Stuart Schillinger at schillinger@ci.brisbane.ca.us.

Latest News

Click here to view the Final Public Arts Implementation Guidelines.  The City Council approved the Guidelines at their April 19, 2018 Council Meeting.

Committee Members

Daniel Carter
Appointed: 2018
Term Expires: 2020
Danette Davis
Appointed: 2018
Term Expires: 2020
Camille Salmon
Appointed: 2018
Term Expires:  2020