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Water Main Replacement Project Phase 1

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Important Fire Flow Improvements to Brisbane’s Water Infrastructure Planned for 2018

The City started construction on the first phase of the Annis Road Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) Station and Fire Main Replacement Project.  This project will provide much-needed improvements to our City’s aging drinking water infrastructure and will include the replacement of 6-inch water mains with 8- and 10-inch pipe along portions of:

Sierra Point Road, Humboldt Road, Annis Road, Thomas Ave, and Firth Park Parking Lot

  • This project will present some unavoidable impacts in the neighborhoods in and around the construction area.
    • These impacts will include water shutdowns and road closures.

If you have to leave your building unattended after the water has been turned off, please ensure that all your faucets and fixtures are off to prevent the possibility of flooding when the water main is turned back on.
After the water is turned on, you may initially notice some discoloration in your water. This is normal and not a water quality problem. If your water appears discolored, or bubbly, run cold water through a faucet for several minutes until it appears clear.


  • The road closures will start the first week of September.
    • The road will be closed to vehicles in 500' sections, from 8am - 5pm on weekdays (Pedestrian access will be allowed.)
      • Monday 12/10/18:         San Diego Ct and Humboldt Rd (between San Diego Ct and Sierra Point Rd) will be closed.
      • Tuesday 12/11/18:         San Diego Ct and Humboldt Rd (between San Diego Ct and Sierra Point Rd) will be closed.
      • Wednesday 12/12/18:  San Diego Ct and Humboldt Rd (between San Diego Ct and Sierra Point Rd) will be closed
      • Thursday 12/13/18:       No Parking on Thomas Avenue
      • Friday 12/14/18:            Humboldt Rd will be closed from Sierra Point Rd to Annis for paving. This will also restrict access to San Diego Ct.


  • The contractor will be staging equipment at the Firth Park Parking lot starting the second week of August.
    • There will be a limited number of spaces for residents to use who are impacted by the road closures.
    • The rest of the lot will be reserved for construction staging purposes.


Garbage Pick-up times will be early:

SSF Scavenger will be picking up garbage and recycling before the 8 am road closures. Please have your bins on the curb the night before, as they will have trucks out by 5:00am.


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(Last updated: November 9, 2018)