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How to Get a Star

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One only needs to take a short walk around town to realize why Brisbane is also known as the "City of Stars" - the wooden stars perched atop houses and in front of businesses are hard to miss!  Many of these stars are decorated with holiday lights, so that on the first Sunday in December, when the Festival of Lights takes place, all the stars in Brisbane light up on the same night (by 4:00pm).  The result is a magnificent starry hillside which cars driving past Brisbane on 101 Southbound can see and admire.

Photo by Lee Panza
Photo by Lee Panza

If you would like to have your very own free Brisbane star for your home or for for your business, please contact Alison Wilson at (415) 640-9875 or send her an e-mail.  Golden State Lumber, the Brisbane Hardware Store, and the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce join together to produce the stars and provide them at no cost to community members.